Is it Safe to Install a Dance Pole in Your Home?

Some women are a little concerned about installing a dance pole in their home and afraid of the damage it may cause. If the truth be known sometiems it is more of an excuse that a real concern. I actually had a student tell me that here husband won’t let her install a pole in their bedroom becuse he is afraid a dance pole may not be safe to install.

Honestly, I have a hard time believing that. What husband wouldn’t want their wife to have a dance pole in the bedroom? Geez! I think the real issue is that sometimes these ladies are simply afraid of the unknown and getting on that pole for the first time.

However is you have a legit concern about it being safe to install a dance pole in your home, I hope I can put your mind at ease.

We are going to answer every conceivable question you may have regarding the safety of installing a dance pole in your home. The first thing you need to understand is that hundreds of thousands of dance poles are installed in homes and apartments around the world at the time of this article being written.

What is that old saying “Where there is a will there is a way”

So let’s look at the questions about installing a dance pole.

Will this pole ruin or damage my ceiling?

Will my landlord be upset?

Can I install it on my partiuclat type of ceiling?

I don’t know how to find studs …this one has got to make you smile. Learn how to pole dance and you will find all the studs you need sweetheart 🙂

My floor is carpeted is that ok for instlaling a dance pole?

Will it break my tile?

How can I make sure it doesn’t come down when I climb on it?

And on and on …

I guess it is ok to be concerned with these things. After all, nobody wants to ruin their living area and nobody wants their pole to come loose from the ceiling. But just remember if you really want to install a dance pole in you home, where there is a will, there is a way!

So let’s get some of these concerns addressed. Thanks to the hundreds of students that have taken our dance pole classes, I should be able to cover pretty much everything in this one article. If I missed something, please leave me a comment below.

We will start with ceiling types. When you decide to install a pole, it will need to be underneath a sturdy structure in your ceiling. The structure inside your ceiling is often referred to as a joist or a stud. They can be made of metal, wood, or you may have a concrete ceilings, which can work even better.

This video will show you how easy it is to find a stud in you ceiling. This demo is on the side of a wall, but it works the exact wame way when running the stud finder over your ceiling.

If your husband or boyfriend doesn’t have a stud finder in his tool box, if you know any handy man or dry wall hanger I am sure they have one you could borrow. The other option is you can buy a stud fincer on Amazon for less than 20 bucks

The third otion is you can find a handy man who can professionally install your dance pole, and they will have a stud finder and do the entire project in less than an hour for probably less than $50.

The last time I moved I moved I hired a dude on Task Rabbit, he came to my apartment and had it installed in less than an hour and charged me $40.00.

You can do it yourself if you just have a little patience, I have installed at least a dozen over the years for girlfriends and students, but with competent handy men so easy to hire with websties like Task Rabbit, why not let the pros do it?

Ceiling Tips and Hints For A Safe Dance Pole Installation

The ceiling finish is often a concern as well. Most ceilings have drywall which is the optimum surface to install on. Drywall is covered with a plaster type texture in most cases and then painted. I have installed my pole on many different ceilings with painted textured surfaces and it leaves no damage at all.

Popcorn ceiling will get damaged by a pole, but it is easily repairable. The Popcorn texture can get knocked off when you put the pole up and will normally leave a ring behind when you take it down.

This is an easy repair by getting a can of spray texture at your local hardware store. Spray the texture, repaint, and then you are done.

Concrete ceilings are even better, no need to find those studs. They are often painted as well and the dome rarely leaves any trace behind on concrete.

Some final tips to prevent damage to a ceiling, especially if you are wanting to install a dance pole in an apartment, is to buy a removable and portable dance pole that has good rubber on both the dome and base. This will protect the contacted surfaces.  Fully removable and portable dance poles don’t screw into the floor or ceiling either.

It can be easily removed when you move or when your mom comes over for dinner.

What Floor Is Safe To Install A Dance Pole?

The poles can be installed on almost ANY flooring surface that is solid and stable. I have installed my pole on tile, concrete, low and high pile carpet, as well as laminate flooring. I find laminate or wood flooring to be the best for learning to pole dance on.  So if you have a choice, install on a wood or laminated floor.

You can pole dance on the carpet, but you have to be careful not to get rug burns as you lower to the floor while descending out of a pole spin. I have had a few rug burns in my day, due to installation of my pole on carpetted floors.

The pole base can leave an indention in your carpet similar to that of a couch or other piece of furniture that has been sitting in the same place for a long while. The base has a thick rubber coating (if you got a good pole that is) and that rubber protects the flooring surface. In most cases when you remove the pole, you will never know it was on the floor. Here is where you can find portable dance floors for your home.

Again these are not necesarry to get started, but if budget is not an issue a portable danc floor can be a nice added touch.

Extra Dance Pole Safety And Security While Dancing

One way to add additional security to the pole is to add a permanent ceiling mount to your pole and remove the dome.  Again, this is not necessary, but can add a tremendous amount of extra support.

Adding a permanent ceiling mount to your pole is the best option for you if you are deathly afraid your pole will come down and want to have the best security options available.  the X Poles are safe when installed correctly with the dome by itself.  The permanent mount definitely gives that added layer of protection.   

With the help and approval of a qualified handyman, you could easily drill a couple holes in the dome plate and screw it to a ceiling joist for added security.

If you buy a permanent ceiling mount for a pole for less than $5.00 on Amazon if you want to add the extra security and support. Just a few screw holes that you will need to be filled with caulking when the pole comes back down in the future.

*Don’t over tighten your dance pole.*

Ceiling and floor structures are amazingly strong, but so is a good quality dance pole. If you over tighten it, something’s got to give. It could be your pole that will bend or your ceiling that may crack under the pressure. I have never had this happen but I have had students whose husband didn’t follow the instructions. (Imagine that)

It isn’t necessary to over tighten your pole to make it safe. If you bought a good pole that has well attached, thick rubber on the bottom of the base, then if for some reason the pole moved after installation (because it wasn’t tightened enough to begin with) then the rubber will usually catch and lock itself into place on the ceiling and floor.

If you bought a pole with poor quality rubber, then it may not catch and the pole could come loose from the roof entirely. Stay away from low quality poles, they will cost you time and money in the long run, I have seen it too many time.

At the time of this writing, this dance pole is the cream of the crop and best available for the money.

Click Here to Check Current Price

A poorly constructed dance pole with cheap materials is a safety hazard. Don’t risk buying a cheap pole and risk getting hurt, get a sturdy dance pole for your home.


So hopefully this informaiton has put your mind at ease as it relates to installing a dance pole in your home. The easy way to do it, is a two step process.


#2 Go to and hire a local handy man to install it.

You are good to go! Where there is a will there is a way!

Have fun!

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