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Best Dance Pole Brands Versus No Brand or “Knock Off” Dance Poles

This is generally where people get scarred and confused. It’s normal, keep reading : )

Safety is a big concern for everybody when you are buying your first dance pole.   Truthfully, if there are installation errors made, it doesn’t matter if you bought the best brand name pole, it can still come down from the ceiling and hurt you.   It’s important to study your dance poles by following the manufacturer instructions perfectly.   If you do this, you should have no problems at all, the majority of people don’t have installation problems.

Most quality dance poles can be installed quickly and easily.

Name brand poles typically have a good reputation for quality and safety however, not everyone can afford a brand name pole.   There are cheaper Brand Name poles that are not safe can bend quickly and are unsafe.

To start, the main US based name brand poles that are the best because they have dedicated their manufacturing practice and business to pole dancing are Lupit, Lil Mynx and X pole brands.

All are great companies with individual differences.  All demonstrate professional qualities and if you can afford one of these brands then I recommend them all.  The X Pole brand has better extension options in case you ever want to change your ceiling height as well as an easier install.  In our opinion it is the best over all pole in the market and the one we recommend to our dance studio student who are looking for an in home dance pole.

 Lil Mynx brand is better for permanently installed dance poles that screw into the ceiling and floor as well as poles that are cut to fit your ceiling height.  Lupit brand is the easiest of all the portable dance poles to install.

X pole is a leader in producing dance poles with the widest range of options in finish types and sizes, but are often more expensive than other brands.  Their pole extensions to make the pole extend to different heights is un-matched.    The Xpert Model X pole is unmatched for adapting to various ceiling heights.  No other brand compares.

There are name brand dance pole companies on the market that sell dance poles that are dangerous.

Some Brand Name poles like the Carmen Electra Stripper Pole, the Spencers Dance Pole, and the Pro Fit Pole are not safe for learning to pole dance and are a total waste of money in our opinion.

When you see poles falling and bending in funny online videos it is because they were not installed properly or they were cheap, unsafe dance poles

Most of the screw together type dance poles are really “knock off” poles of the original X Pole which was a screw together type pole.   These poles are randomly branded by various companies (companies not necessarily dedicated to the safety and wellness of a pole fitness dancer)
like MegaBrand Dance PoleThe AW Dance Pole, The XPerience Dance Pole, and other random brand names found on Amazon and Ebay.  

 And while most of these types of dance pole look alike, they may not have been built with the same quality metals

When I first opened my pole fitness studio, I didn’t have enough money to buy quality name brand poles.  So I bought a wide variety of screw together type dance poles off Ebay and Amazon trying to find ones safe and suitable for my students and I wish someone had told me what I am sharing with you.

Here is what I found:

  1. You must get a pole with quality chrome electroplating. Some cheaply coat the pole in chrome that then it soon chips off after you buy it.  I paid $179.99 for a pole on EBay and when the chrome chipped off it scraped up one of our students when she slid down the pole.

  2. You must look for the thickness of the metal in which to pole is created. If you buy a pole that is made of too thin of metal, it can bend.  Yes, you heard that right.  I bent one pole inverting on it after owning it less than a month.  Once it was bent, it wouldn’t spin very well.  

  3. You must watch for accurate install instructions. One pole I bought came with wrong instruction on where to place the locking nut (the piece that makes the pole NOT come loose from the ceiling).  I put it where the instructions said and the pole unscrewed itself from the roof while I was on it!  I later found out that by putting the nut in the right spot solved the problem.

  4. You must look for quality bearings. This is a tough one because we girls are not machinists (usually).  I didn’t know anything about bearings and I bet you don’t either!   All you can do is ask if there is a warranty on the bearings.  Some of the EBay poles I bought had the bearings go bad after a few short months.  When that happens, the pole locks up and it won’t spin anymore. 

    This is where some of the product reviews are faulty because it might work good at first, but quite spinning later on down the road, long after that person left a good review about the pole.   I was able to fix the bearing problem by taking it to a local machine shop, but I shouldn’t have had to do that with such a new pole.
  5. Good Quality, soft rubber is essential for safety. I bought a pole off Amazon that had rubber so hard you could hear a hard tapping noise when you tap on it.   If the rubber on the dome and base is not soft, the pole can sip sideways, causing the pole to come loose from the ceiling under the centrifugal force while dancing on the pole.

Unfortunately, most of the off brand poles come from China and there are no set industrial standards for a quality pole and quality checks at the manufacturer are not always done correctly.  (Don’t let China scare you, X pole is manufactured in China too.)

The X Dance Pole we featued in the beginning of this article offer the best home pole danc kit available. The last time I looked it was less than $300.

If this is out of your budget these 4 poles are quality poles that we can recommend. Just click on the photo if you would like to learn more.

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