How much do Dance Pole Classes Cost?

The average cost of group pole dancing classes for a one hour class is $30.00

Pole dancing is designed to help build strength, flexibility, and on occasion to release the your inner sexy, The number of dance studios around the world, offering pole dancing lessions have drastically increased over the past couple of years.

Lessons are available at studios and community centers across the country. Pole dancing helps students to develop both dance and gymnastic skills to master many of the common pole moves as the spin, climb and flip on the 2″ diameter vertical pole. Courses are taught in groups, & in private and as a studio or at-home party.

Typical costs:
One-hour group pole dancing classes cost about $22-$40 per person, depending on location and level of instructor. While arm and abdominal strength are required to advance past beginning levels, courses vary from intense exercise sessions to more of a sensual performance class, or some combination of the two. Private lessons can run over $100 per lesson so many beginning pole dancers choose to take an online pole dancing class first and buy a pole for home use before joining a formal class.

Levels vary slightly by location; however, beginners typically first learn to walk around the pole using dance moves, body weight and gravity to control spin speed in different positions.

Intermediate courses move the student into more complex moves including the butterfly. Advanced to extreme classes require maximum core strength and take the student through more complex and often inverted positions like the half-flag invert to a brass monkey

The competitive level includes the annual championships held by the American Pole Fitness Association. Private pole dancing lessons cost about $90-$120 per hour, per person, or $125-$150 for 90 minutes, depending on location and level of instructor.Pole dancing parties at a studio typically cost $35-$60 per person for two hours.

Generally about 10 guests each work on a separate pole simultaneously as the instructor takes them through the basic moves.At-home parties allow a group of up to 10 to take turns trying out a single portable pole with an instructor for about $200-$250 for two hours, plus about $20 per person for participating guests.

Non-participating guests are generally free. A $25-$100 travel fee may be needed, depending on how far the instructor has to travel.

If you don’t want to take an in home pole dance class privately the best thing to do is search google for POLE DANC CLASS (YOUR CITY).

Thanks for reading, we hope this answered your quesitons regarding the cost of pole dancing classes.

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