How to Chose a Removable Dance Poles

Tips For Buying A Portable Dance Pole

If you’re interested in buying a removable dance pole, it’s a good idea to get an idea of what is available on the market. Though they are becoming very popular and there are several different kinds to choose from on the market, not all are created equal and there are different types to suit individual needs and specifications.

Which kind of removable dance pole you ultimately choose to buy for your endeavors will depend on your needs, budget and personal preferences. There are two main kinds of removable dance poles – friction-based and mounted.


Friction dance poles are the most convenient type because they do not require any additional hardware or drilling, and rely on springs inside the pole to keep them in place.

They are great if you want to take down your pole at will without a trace, but there’s one main drawback – if you don’t install them correctly they can be unstable.

If you plan on doing advanced moves eventually or inversions, a cheap friction-based pole is a bad choice because it may not be able to sustain you body weight with the added pressure of an advanced position.

It can actually fall over with you on it if you are not careful or do not follow the safety instructions very carefully.
In addition, they tend to be quite expensive. Friction based dance poles are safe as long as you don’t buy a chep one.

This is the best friction pole in the market:


Mounted dance poles are more secure & stable than friction based ones but require a little more legwork to install
They require a mount drilled into the ceiling that is visible but unobtrusive when the pole is removed.

The mount itself looks like a simple plant hook, so it won’t be obvious what exactly was there, but there will be something protruding from the ceiling.

These type of poles are great if you have limited space, but don’t mind a visible mount in the ceiling. They are also less expensive than a friction-based pole, making it a good choice if you are watching your wallet or don’t want to make a huge investment into pole dancing.

Whichever type of removable dance pole you choose will depend on your needs and concerns – if you plan on doing more ambitious pole dancing moves or are extra-concerned about safety, definitely stick to a mounted dance pole.

If you only plan to do a few moves here and there mixed in with your dancing, you can look into a friction dance pole, especially if you are concerned about not having a visible hole or hook in the ceiling.

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