Are all Pole Dancers Strippers?

No, all pole dancers are not strippers. Many people pole dance to build strenth and for exercise. Pole dancing is one of the fastest growing classes available at dance studios around the world.

Okay, that’s a myth. First of all, there’s nothing wrong with stripping,that’s a legit career choice. I respect anyone who is working for a living and not attempting to sponge off the government and honest tax payers, don’t you?

The idea that all pole dancers are strippers, mostly stems from ignorance,I think until you actually walk into a pole dancing class, it’s really hard to expect people to understand the magic that happens inside those walls. –

In my local dance pole classe, we come from many backgrounds,just every background you can imagine,we have teachers, we have mothers,we have attorneys, we have doctors and yes a couple of future strippers. (more power to them is what I say)

Many people who take classes you’ll learn pole,are kind of doing it the same reason I do it,it’s for exercise, or for self expression,for dance or whatnot, you know, not everyone who takes a dance class wants to be a professional dancer. – In the pole dance community,there are a few of those who like to mentionthat they’re not a strippe.

While that is true,that doesn’t mean that we should exclude strippers from the conversation. A lot of pole dancing is first witnessed in an exotic clubs or on TV. Nomally in a nightclub setting. That’s only one facet of pole dancing. – That’s a myth. – It’s a myth. Because I am pole dancer. – It’s a really archaic stereotype that was placed on it and it’s not accurate.

We have tons of males, straight and gay, transgender. We have so many different people that come through the pole dancing doors and attend our classes & they are 100% welcomed and encouraged.

Now days you shouldn’t be surprised when a girlfriend tell you they pole dance at home. Honestly I was pole dancing at home, long before I started teaching pole dancing classes. I intially started for the exercise, and if I am totally honest I wanted to perform in front of my husband and ge thim turned on.

However today your girlfriend my tell you that their husband’s a pole dance. Don’t assume all male pole dancers are gay. Pole dancing is growing with all demographics becuase it is the most fun you will ever have exercising.

I acutually had a pole at my wedding it was the best decisionI could have ever made,because not only did we get to use it for our first dance,we have photos of all our friends and family doing their own pole tricks on it too,which is really great. –

People were coming up to many of our guest and saying thing like “Yep that girl has a pole in her home”.

Anybody that says that pole dancing isn’t a real sport probably is not an athlete, but most of the time athletes and people that do any sort of movement, they’re usually mind-blown, because when you know about movement and you see pole dancing,you just automatically know the amount of hours and training that go in are extreme.

To most pole dancers I teach it just enjoyable and definitely a creative process, so it’s for sure art. – We work really hard at creating characters ,costumes, backgrounds, music ,and it can be comedic, it can be dramatic,it can tell a story of your own heart,it is truly, truly a beautiful art form.

Yes, most pole dancers normally wear as few clothes a possible. Heck at home I usually exericse on my pole nude. In all honesty, we wear skimpy stuff,because it’s a practical thing. The more clothes you wear the easier it is to stick to the pole. Jumpsuits are not recommended for strippers or pole dancers.

We do have to wear really small clothing the better pole dancer we become, because we use our flesh friction and contact points to make sure that we don’t fall. However I will be the first to admit I do like wearing sexy outfits,’cause I feel better and when I feel better,I dance better.

However, there are different types of pole dancing,i. e. , Chinese pole, or silicone poles that you can, and it’s actually encouraged, to wear clothes. –

Some people think you have to be fit and strong when you start learning to pole dance, oh my gosh what a joke!

I was not fit or strong when I first started, I was weak, I was much larger,and by accident, I went with a friend to a pole studio. I sucked at it but it stuck and eventually the weight came off, and I got athletic, I got strong. I lost over 45 pounds and I realized that this was my gym. I was constantly improving, getting stonger and having a blast so I immediately boutght a stripper pole for my home, at least that is what my husband called it, I prefer dance pole for my home.

The purpose of pole dancing, for some, is to get fit,to gain strength, to gain flexibility and the reasons go on and on why so many people are drawn to pole dancing.

I actually think that there is a body type that is really ideal for pole dancing. Those with thick thighs, thick hips. I think the thicker you are, the better. There’s some super plus sized women in our class that just crush it.

They seem to have a body awarenessand confidence, and I love a full figure who isn’t afraid to jump on a pole and do her thing.

Am I too old to learn to Pole Dance?

That is a question we get all the time at our dance studio. You are never too old or to young to learn how to pole dance. We have a 67 year old student in our class who decided to start pole dancing on here 60th birthday.

She will tell you when she started she had no atheletic or dance background, but she worked hard, built up her strength and she has done it. She is someone everyone is our studio looks up to. So no matter your age you can start today if you decide.

Being in the competitive dance category ,we actually have full competition categories dedicated to people over 50 and what those women can do on a pole is mind-blowing. They can perform all the moves and the skills that professional 18 year old strippers are doing. So it’s for all ages.

I think that a lot of times,women are shamed into thinking that after a certain age or maybe after you have a baby, or whatever the reason is,that you are out of touch with your sensuality, and it’s not necessary.

I 1000% disagree & I think that pole dancing is a nice relief for that,I think it’s a place to find your center again,to find the beauty that is yours. I can not tell you how many women who have told me that pole dancing help them get back their sexy.

There are more and more grandmothers learning how to pole dance than most people would even believe.

I did not have a background of dance or gymnastics before I started. Pole dancers come from all walks of life,some of them do come from the circus and from a highly trained backgrounds,but some of them are just soccer moms that just get on stage and start killing it.

I didn’t have much of a background,it’s just a matter of your desire to do it, and attitude.

I teach people movement or how to pole dance in alluring manner. They’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t know how to be sexy, yadda yadda, neither do I, look at me,I’m a moron.

I teach women to think sex when they are performing for their husband, but it starts with thinking about ice-cream or burgers your favorite chocolate. All of a sudden I’m like,why does he look so aroused? I’m not yet , I’m just hungry. Did you get that tip? Don’t miss that. This is the process for the perfect pole dance mindset. Make yourself hungry for food you crave first, and the sexy will come.

When I started pole dancing,I was a very kind of nerdy 21 year old,and I think gaining confidence in general,definitely comes from pole dancing.

You can explore and find your sensuality if you want to. There’s a lot of movement that we do,we move our hips, we move everything and you can find the beauty within it and really discover that there’s a whole new you inside of there that maybe got buried over the course of the events of your life and now it’s time to uncover it. – Through pole dancing and through practice, you gain confidence and you learn the skills to make you you empowerment, and I think that that’s really the feeling on the inside that emanates out and
makes other people say,”Wow, damn, that’s hot. “

It’s whatever move that is challenging me that week that I’m working on, that I’m using to improve myself. – I love the basic pole moves like flag or starfish.

My favorite pole move is what I call the Cane split, Not that many people could do it,because you have to have long arms and extreme hamstring flexibility. – Some of the best images I’ve ever taken have been in a handspring, and so it’s always like my go-to. – One of them is spatchcock, I’ve always loved doing that one,and then the new blacksun
split is another one.

SpatchCock Dance Pole Move

How friendly and supportive is the dance pole community?

The part that really got me hooked on pole dancing is the community. The community is what keeps you there,because you’re so exposed, here you are, who you are wearing very little clothing. Basically,in front of strangers,and whatever body shape you’re in. It’s a really beautiful
and unique feelimg we all share,

When you participate in this sport , you never wanna leave. You just want to improve and get better and better and you know you can. You just end up feeling this sense of home that you can’t find anywhere else,consider it like a gateway drug intoa lot of other really dope stuff like high confidence, epic clothing, wanting to make videos,wanting to do photo shoot,
getting too many shoes. Nothing feels better on you feet when you are on the pole like sexy dancer shoes.

So yes we are a cult, a tribe, whatever you want to call us it really doesn’t matter, the bottom line is YOU SHOULD JOIN US!

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