3 Tips On Becoming A Great Twitch Webcam Pole Dancer

The secret is out, young ladies are getting rich pole dacing on Twitch for donations. So what is the secret to operating a profitable webcam pole dancing business?

Webcam performers who make good use of their godly features are the ones who make the most money. Some webcam girls use the HD options to enhance their good looks. If you are using a Logitech or a better webcam. Invest in an HD camera setup for your computer. Here are some tips on how you could become a great webcam model:

Use the sound feature

Most performers use the sound feature as clients love to hear the sound of their voice. You must use your voice if you have an attractive one as the voice alone can make your fans go berserk!

If you use sound your page will be on the top of the site and it will result in more views too. If there is a phone feature available to you use it at all times! If you use this feature for your webcam modelling you will be making a lot more money in time to come.

Your number will not be available to any customer, they will have to enter their own number and a third party will call both of you. You will have to answer the phone call briefly. Once you and your fan leave the chat, the call will be disconnected immediately.

Use Sexy Outfits

If you are on the webcam you want people to come back and see you again and again making you more and more money. Sexy costumes will draw them back.

Make it fun, don’t think about earning money think about how successful you can become! You must think of new ways as to how you can improve your show. The fans will love you! Its been proven and it is just starting.

Keep in touch with your clients

Make sure they know when you will be back whether it is a few hours or a few days. They must know exactly when. You can even try giving a time and date, many will actually be on time to see you. Remember not to dissatisfy your clients by telling them you will be there and you are actually not there.

Use customer nicknames so that they know who you are talking too. You can also try learning their names and memorizing it so that they will be impressed with the fact that you remembered them from the crowd!

The world of webcam polw dancing involves a lot of marketing so make sure you keep your outfits short and themed. Do not skimp out on lingerie, cheap ones will only make you look cheap. Invest in some good pieces that will make you stand out.

Remember to make modelling fun even if you’re doing something through a webcam. It is about using your talent to do what you want to do. Don’t feel pressurized to do things you are not comfortable doing in the first place! There are pole dancers making bank just going live on Twitch during their practice time at home. Unbelievable, but give it a try, you will be hooked.

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