The Reason Why Sex Sells

However you want to perceive sex, it is happening because of these three reasons. Sex is part of our system that cannot and should not be taken away. It’s one of the greatest forms of pleasure, a necessity of existence, and an attachment to human beings.We are all wired to sex, to feel the pleasure that it gives. Bordellos started in the early stages of development of man, it has been around for more than 3500 years, and it still remains almost unchanged. Sex is innate to us, it has become one of the things that we desire most, and that it is an important aspect in life. It’s even hard for us to see pictures of nearly naked women on pages and billboards that we would often pass by.

Preconceived notion

Most people would preconceive female escorts to have been forced into doing it, but it’s not. Women engaging in this profession made this choice to go to this line of work. A lot of people would often perceive this kind of work as taboo, but if it brings food on the table, a house to live in, and all other necessities of which they are able to provide, then it’s just relevant as to who thinks it is fine and those who thinks it is not.Because of the notion that people often perceive that hiring private escorts Broadmeadow is a sin, people would just normally keep it to themselves afraid of being judged by others. We need sex, and there are people who are not even in a relationship to have that kind of activity to do it with, and these people would resort to hiring these professionals. Others would just want to have a good time, and so long as you are not in a relationship, it’s fine, it’s fine to indulge yourself with what you fantasize about, and it’s fine to give in to pleasure.


Sex and other products have been incorporated with each other, products such as shampoo is being advertised by women taking a bath and showing some skin, and it works! Companies and advertising agencies purposely sexualize images in order to gain customers.We often see models wearing only bikinis or almost nothing and just covered by whatever the photographer can make use of or what they are advertising on a lot of magazines, specificially men’s. And although its main target market are men, it still helps any company to increase their profit, because men are most likely to give in and buy the products being advertised by women who are half naked.

The fact of the matter is, sex sells. But there is a thin line when it comes to selling it. it should be placed in the proper venue, and for the appropriate ages. And depending on the amount of sex is linked into the product is interrelated to how much it gets exposed to the public.

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