Guide To Behaving With Your Escort Properly

It takes real knowledge to know what NOT to do in certain situations, and you can expect see some great results with proper action as well as inaction. You can save a life, escape getting your butt kicked or even get laid big time. It all depends on how you act and react in situations. Here are some things that you should not do or ask your escort to do;

Independent female escorts Sydney are the best people to take this advice from, because they do not have the support and muscle power of an agency to bail them out should you and your friends decide to make things a bit rough for her. First and foremost, please do not ask for service without protection. The plain reason is that it is highly dangerous and the odds are a million to one that she will agree. On top of that, smelling trouble, you will be politely asked to leave immediately without the remotest possibility of a refund. Do not try silly things during the session like taking off the condom half-way through the session or slitting it open, they are wise to it.

A girlfriend experience can be gained if you treat your escort for the night with respect. She, after all is not a whore standing on some dingy by-lane. You might have paid them for their time and physical efforts, but that doesn’t mean that you get to own them and make them behave like a slave to your wishes. According to polls, about 95% of clients are gentlemen who behave like gentlemen, and the remaining 5% as dirty as shit. You give them respect and you’ll get it back in full measure.It’s pretty easy to fall in love with an escort, given that the best agencies have the best looking girls who can stop a man’s heartbeat at twenty paces. Always remember that these women are professionals, and will go to the highest bidder. It’s alright to play out your fantasies with them all night though, but do not expect them to linger back and make you a pot of coffee in the morning.

Just because your member deflated rather quickly and you came, it doesn’t make you eligible for a refund. On no escort service site will you find refund options for your stamina. It’s better to have some foreplay before you actually go down on her, or she on you. If you want a refund, it’s best done before the action begins, and even then you stand a slim chance. Another hilarious concept some men have is the guarantee that the escort will give them an orgasm. Now how about popping some Viagra instead?

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