Should You Take Your Girlfriend/ Wife With You?

Have you ever thought of bringing your partner with you to a strip club? Probably not. The majority of guys tend to believe that their partner – whether a girlfriend or wife – would not appreciate the gesture. Certainly, a lot of women on the conservative side will not be glad to take part in your nightly escapades (more like they will not be happy to know that you are frequenting such places in the first place!), but there actually are certain women that might be okay with the idea. Do not get surprised! Not every woman is the same after all. And no, we are not referring to lesbians (they would not be your partner, right?).

So how do you find out whether your partner would actually like to accompany you or not? Quite simple – ask her. Of course, do not ask her when you are in the car and on the way to the club, nor even a few hours before going out. Make sure to probe the topic at a time when she is in a good mood. Be polite and do not pressure her; simply ask her opinion. If it is a favourable one, you can both agree on a date to visit an establishment (again, do not force her to go the very day itself!).

And now you are both at the bar, with strippers dancing at the main stage. What are you supposed to do now? If you asked yourself this question, then you are doing well enough. Visit this link for more info on strippers Sydney.

Below are some general pointers on things you need to avoid – in order to avoid offending either your partner or the other girls at the club:

• Do not ignore your partner and flirt with other girls – the most obvious thing and biggest mistake you could possibly make. You came with your partner, so be sensible enough of your behaviour. Avoid flirting with the sexy lingerie waitresses that come up to you, and make sure to pay attention to your partner. If she feels uncomfortable, talk to her or leave the club.

• But also do not ignore the other girls – you have come to a strip club after all! If you wanted to pay attention only to your partner, you would have stayed at home or gone elsewhere. You can interact with the other girls, but make sure to respect the limits your partner expects of you (she might be more liberal or not, it depends on her!).

• Do not get drunk – the biggest problem you can cause to your partner is to get wasted at the club. Not only will she be forced to deal with the aftermath at the strip club, but you will also humiliate yourself and just ruin your image.

Cheeky Gifts For A Bachelorette Party


Organizing a bachelorette party can be a tough challenge if you want to provide maximum amounts of fun along with some excellent socializing. An unforgettable bachelorette party is easily achieved if you know where to look for the right services. Whether you’re organizing or simply participating in the party, you might be required to bring along some entertaining and risqué gifts for the bride to be. If you’re stumped when considering which gifts to bring along to a bachelorette party, here are some useful and diverse ideas for you.

Consider some raunchy and suggestive accessories

For an appreciative recipient, find some cheap sex toys either online or off so that you can provide some entertainment for the party while gifting something fun and affordable.

If you would rather browse for some cheap sex toys in NZ in the comfort of your own home, you have the option of searching for these online and making a purchase there since this way you will be ensured a more discreet delivery option as well. You can either limit yourself to a basic vibrator or dildo, or switch up to a more adventurous and exotic option depending on what’s available. These options can range from the more wild sex swings to the more technologically advanced genital stimulators that might cost a bit more in terms of price. However, the more advanced gadgets also offer a better range of activities, so if you want to gift something with a more exploratory and adventurous vibe, these might be a better bet. Considering the vast array of options that are available when it comes to gadgets for sex, you can choose from toys that are made to diverse specifications such as those for beginners, couples or for her.

Purchase sexy clothing

If you want to dial up the risqué factor but still provide some useful presents, you can even make a gift of sexy clothing items. You can either select some costumes that cater to various fetishes such as sexy nurse or cop outfits or gift some raunchy lingerie. Additionally, lingerie can be a safer bet if you would rather not trawl the internet for adult toys. Lingerie can still be plenty suggestive and entertaining since you have the option of selecting from items such as corsets, chemises, garters or fishnet body stockings that will be undoubtedly appreciated by both your friend as well as her partner. Other wearables for when you are looking for more inoffensive items that are likely to be hits are feather boas or sexy mini dresses. Sexy lingerie or clothing items are likely to come in a diverse range of sizes as well, so this will prove to be an easier choice of gift to make.

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