Is Your Best Friend About To Get Hitched? Let’s Get The Party Started!

Having yet another mate leaving the gang to get married is kind of sad because the days of partying all night with him are literally over. He might not get a chance to have the crazy nights and do the crazy things you guys used to do when you got together at someone’s place or hit the clubs and bars in town. Partying into the wee hours of next day morning was your thing, but not for much longer. So why not give the poor guy a good send-off? Here is how you can throw him the best bachelor’s party ever;

The Best Gift You Can Give Him…

Hire a bucks party stripper to give him a private show and lap dance. And who knows, maybe she would do more than just dance.

When you book the bucks party stripper, make sure you use the package that you think your mate would enjoy the most. If he is a shy guy, then best to hire a girl who would be more friendly, talkative and nice to put him more at ease rather than make him nervous and back away from the show. If he is anything but shy, you can choose the loudest, sultriest and most talented girl out there who is willing to go all the way because that might be the kind of entertainment the soon-to-be groom would need, especially because he will never again be able to have that kind of experience once he gets married and tied down for the rest of his life. 

Getting the Guys Together

There is no point in throwing an epic bachelor’s party without the rest of the guys to witness and enjoy it, so make sure you invite the close friends so that all the guys can bid him farewell from the single life. See if there are other guys from the groom’s social circles that you might want to invite so that you have a good crowd to party hard with. Let them know the date, time and place of the party in advance so they will keep the day free. Pick a weekend because no one will be able to go to work the day after, being hungover and all.

Plan out the Activities

The bachelor’s party needs to be the event of the year, just like any other party you would throw. It should be the talk of the season and should be the envy of the guys who were not lucky enough to be invited. So make sure you have more than just a few things planned out for the night. If you are getting adult entertainers, don’t just hire one girl for the groom. Hire some for the guests as well so that they too will have good fun and enjoy themselves. If you guys want to play a few games then get those organised ahead before you get too drunk to remember later on.

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